Vancouver WA Homes for Sale


If you’re a home buyer looking for the right place to settle in the Portland Metro area, Vancouver WA homes for sale are definitely worth your consideration. Homes for sale in this area range from gorgeous water front properties to smaller homes in long-established cozy neighborhoods. Minutes away from Portland city life and not far from the Pacific Northwest’s gorgeous great outdoors, Vancouver is the perfect balance of what suburban life can provide.

Vancouver WA Homes for SaleWhat Vancouver WA Homes for Sale Have to Offer

No matter what neighborhood you choose, Vancouver homes for sale have something to offer prospective home buyers. Stationed between Portland, Oregon and Cowlitz County, Vancouver WA homes for sale offer a great place to put down roots while staying close to the very best parts of the area. With Portland just over the border, many of Vancouver’s residents have found the commute across the bridge to be reasonable. For those who have a big city job but don’t quite want the big city life, Vancouver homes for sale a great option. Cowlitz County can also be traveled to with a straight shot up I-5, making a northern commute easy on Vancouver residents as well.

While Vancouver might be a central location for those who work outside its borders, many who have purchased homes in this area are happy to stay close by for work and play alike. Among having the normal shops and businesses of any established city, Vancouver has some rather lovely places that make it a great place to live and do business. Being part of the Northwest’s foodie culture, delicious options for gathering and dining can be found throughout the city.

Specifically in the downtown area, you’ll find a good assortment of pubs, bars, and breweries to try. There’s a coffee shop on nearly every corner, with many serving locally roasted espresso and alternative milks. Good breakfast isn’t hard to come by in any of Vancouver’s neighborhoods, and once you find your favorite it will be hard to resist incorporating brunch into your weekend routine. A variety of ethnic foods can be found throughout the city as well, with everything from Indian, Mexican, Japanese, and beyond.

In addition to a wide range of dining options, another aspect of Vancouver life is its access to the great outdoors. If you don’t mind a short drive, Vancouver homes for sale are close to some of the best hiking and walking trails around. If you’d prefer to keep your activities closer to home, there are many beautiful parks, rivers, lakes, and other natural attractions to visit as well. For a simple stroll with a beautiful view, Vancouver has a lovely walking path along the waterfront breathtakingly close to the Columbia River.

It’s clear that this city has many good attributes that make it a worthwhile place to live. At any time of the year, you can find activities and gatherings for a wide variety of interests. Libraries, gyms and fitness studios, alternative grocery stores, and second hand clothing shops are just a few of the places and businesses that create the unique vibes of the Vancouver Community and marketplace. Come see for yourself what makes Vancouver WA homes for sale a must see for those looking to buy in the Pacific Northwest! To look at homes for sale in the Vancouver, Washington area, give us a call at 360-213-4257.

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