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La Center WA homes for sale is a great option for anyone looking for affordable country property close to both Cowlitz County and the other areas of Clark County.

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Luxury homes and economical options can all be found in this small but charming town. With a small population of just over 3,000 residents, La Center WA homes for sale are great for those who enjoy the country life. There are not many dining options in this town but La Center is commutable to other areas of Clark and Cowlitz County, making it easy to find more of the shops, entertainment and gathering options you desire.

La Center WA homes for sale are a great investment if you are looking to get a lot for your money. Large parcels of land can be found for about the same price as some single family homes in the surrounding areas. With gorgeous scenic landscapes and plenty of space, La Center real estate is great for those who enjoy fresh air and country spaces. Though quiet living is a big part of what makes up La Center, it has other attractions that make it worth a second look.

With three casinos at present, the newly constructed Ilani, The Last Frontier and the New Phoenix, La Center proves that even small towns can have big entertainment. With the Ilani Casino being such a large addition to the Ridgefield and La Center community, many visitors will have a greater incentive to visit this part of the county. With more foot traffic after the opening of the new casino, those interested in the local business market might find this a great area to start a new venture.

Along with an expanding variety of entertainment concerning Lady Luck, La Center also has plenty of outdoor activities for those who prefer a good time out in nature. Nestled in the surrounding wilderness of the great Northwest, La Center is near many good places to picnic, fish, camp, and enjoy the scenic beauty that this part of Washington has to offer.

If you would like expert assistance in buying or selling your home in the La Center area, give us a call today at 360-213-4257. If you would like to start your search in a different part of Clark County or the Portland metro area, we would love to help you with that as well. Let’s find your dream home!

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