Battle Ground Homes for Sale


There is a vast variety of Battle Ground homes for sale the Clark County area. If you’re after spacious countryside not far from the conveniences of town, Battle Ground homes for sale can offer you that and more. Wooded properties, luxury homes, country acreage, and in-town subdivisions can all be found in this growing country community of just over 18,000 residents. With plenty of options to choose from, it’s no wonder Battle Ground, WA is a growing community loved by many.

Battle Ground Homes for SaleA Closer Look at Battle Ground Homes for Sale

Battle Ground homes for sale are worth a look for many reasons. Properties on larger lots with trees and rustic acreage can be found in abundance for those who like the calm and quiet of the country. For those who aren’t looking for extensive property, many homes can be found in housing developments closer to the city’s more common streets. Many of the properties in Battle Ground have easy access to major roads in Clark County, making this a great place to settle if you work or have commitment outside of the Battle Ground area.

On the days when you prefer to stay local, this town has what you need. No matter what neighborhood you choose, Battle Ground homes for sale offer you the ability to enjoy the quieter feel of the country with the businesses you need nearby. Everything needed for your home, car, and household can be found within the Battle Ground business community. Grocery stores, department stores, a music store, an antique shop, and automotive services can all be found along this town’s main street. With the growth of new businesses, outlying areas are producing more dining and shopping options as well.

Aside from being close to what you need, Battle Ground homes for sale are close to what you want.  From the prevalent dining and gathering options, it is clear to see that this town doesn’t shy away from catering to the Northwest foodie culture. In recent years, new breweries, pubs, wineries, and coffee shops have joined the already established businesses to create a broader selection for the community. Pizzerias, burger joints, and breakfast places are just some of the selections available for casual dining. In addition to all of the great food options, there is a cinema nearby for date night or weekend entertainment.

Being surrounded by woods, it’s no surprise that Battle Ground’s outdoor life is lively. In the summer time, Lewisville Park plays host to much of this community’s outdoor excitement. Many come from all over Clark County to enjoy the coursing river and fresh air of this beautiful wooded park. Covered areas, picnic tables, playgrounds, and immediate access to the water make this an easy place to gather for a friendly picnic. On many occasions during the good weather, many birthday parties can be seen, and sometimes even a wedding!

With some may great elements to its community, Battle Ground homes for sale are worthwhile investments for potential home owners. If you are wishing to take a look at what this town, or any other, has to offer, give us a call at 360-213-4257 for expert assistance in finding the right home for you. We can’t wait to help you find what you are looking for!

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